What is TickAudit?

 is a mobile platform that enables companies to manage audits, checks, installation, and maintenance activities (often at remote sites) simply and accurately. With built in asset management have a real-time view of the Who/What/Why/Where/When is available for any activity. The commonplace tools available on mobile devices such as the Camera and GPS positioning can all be used to capture information as part of these activities providing real evidence.

Web Dashboard

A central place to manage users, audit templates, assets and reports. View, filter and search all audit data in real-time. Role based access control lets you control access to features and functionality. Assign specific audit templates to users. Specify who does what, where and when it is done.

Use our intuitive template builder to quickly convert any paper forms or procedures into audit templates. Create multiple or single choice questions, date and time picker, signatures, QR Code, RFID tag, take photographs, attach images, enter text.

Attach images and rich text to individual audit questions to guide staff through complex procedures and capture real evidence of work done correctly. Guarantee the quality and traceability of work.


Create and manage assets on the dashboard, anything from Fire Extinguishers to Vehicles to Projects, the choice is yours. 

Scan assets during audits on mobile using the following:

Asset Identifiers

QR Codes


Asset Identifiers



Know where all your assets are, know what audits have been carried out against which assets. The full history and current state of any asset at the click of a button.

Custom Reports

Let us help you develop your own custom branded reports for any of your audits, anything from Inspection Report, Handover Certificate to Installation Report, anything that is required to help with your business.

With TickAudit you can:

Create mailing lists

Automatically email custom reports to your own teams or straight to you customer.


Create any kind of register: Site Equipment Register or Project Defect Register. Enable staff to capture, view and update register information on their mobiles, everything they need always available. All register data is visible and searchable on the dashboard.

Generate custom reports to understand the state of equipment or defects or any other register type at any time.

Complete Visibility

View in real-time all data on the TickAudit dashboard, automatically highlight issues, automatically generate and email custom reports to clients. Get a view of what is happening in your business at any time. Use reports to track performance and observe trends.

Easily identify areas of improvement and drive transparency in your business.

Offline-First Syncing

Real-time synchronisation between mobile application and dashboard is built in. All audits and updates instantly backed up and stored securely in real-time.

Staff can continue using the app even without a signal, when a signal becomes available all data is synchronised automatically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should find the answers to your questions here.

New to TickAudit

Please complete the Register your interest form on the home page and we will setup an account for you.

Yes, we offer a one month free trial of our standard product package. If you are interested in the enterprise product package then please contact us.

TickAudit is designed primarily for carrying out audits to satisfy Health & Safety requirements, but it can be used for any type of audit or checks.

When you are signed-up to TickAudit, you will receive access to a web based dashboard which makes it easy to add and manage users and audit templates.

You may have as many users as you require.

Users can reset their passwords via the application on their mobile device. It is also possible to reset passwords from the dashboard.

Account email addresses can be changed on the dashboard.

The dashboard requires that you use a modern web browser. The mobile application runs on both IOS and Android.

Mobile App

The application is available from the Android play store and the Apple app store. Search for "TickAudit".

The app is fully compatible with both Android and IOS.

A user account is limited to a single mobile device. You may have as many mobile user accounts as you require for your business.

TickAudit supports barcodes and QR codes.

TickAudit supports RFID tags on Android devices. For Apple devices you will need an iPhone 7 or later running IOS 11 or later.

TickAudit can be used without a network connection. When a network connection becomes available it will synchronise all data automatically.

Audits and Audit Templates

An audit template defines all of the questions that need to be answered when carrying out an audit.

You can create an unlimited number of audit templates on the TickAudit dashboard. These can then be allocated to mobile users who automatically have them available on their mobile device.

It is not currently possible to upload templates.

The questions defined in the audit templates can be fully customised.

When an audit template is allocated to you from the dashboard it will appear on the app on your mobile device. You simply initiate a new audit from the mobile app.

All audit data can be exported in PDF or Excel format, either as an individual audit or as a report containing the data from multiple audits.

The dashboard presents a live view of all audits. It is also possible to review historic audits and run reports against the audit data.

The dashboard allows you to -

  • Create/manage users
  • Create/manage audit templates
  • View in realtime all audit data
  • Run reports on current and historic audits

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“The simplicity of TickAudit makes it easy for us to manage equipment and tasks for an ever shifting array of complex jobs.”

Martin – Rope Access Sverige AB